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Thinking about web design and why when it comes to websites simplicity is the key

All of us use websites both in our professional and personal lives. For some the website is the lifeblood of the business that you or the company has. It will contain information and offers plus it will be a representation of what you and the company are all about. It is a key ingredient of the branding that you want and the marketing of services that you offer. This Web Design Surrey based organisation is able to offer you the full package in setting up the website and making it fly for you.

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When it comes to websites, simplicity is the key. The last thing that you want to happen is for potential customers to enter the site and then leave straight away when they become frustrated. A wordy website full of information and images is a complete turn-off for many people as they want to be able to navigate it easily and fully. With most of us now using the internet through our mobile phones this is even more important, especially since the site can adapt between the two styles.

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There is also the importance of having whitespace on the site to give the viewer the chance to be able to concentrate on what they can see on the screen. This is also true of the imagery that you use. Too much and the site can be an overwhelming experience for the visitor. Their focus is lost on the visual clutter that they are faced with.

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