How to Get Free Shipping on Shein?
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How to Get Free Shipping on Shein?

The land of trendy finds at wallet-friendly prices. But let’s be real, that surprise shipping cost at checkout can sting like a poorly fitting shoe (and we all know Shein has a few of those). But fear not, fashion friend! This guide on how to get free shipping on Shein is your golden ticket to Shein hauls that don’t break the bank, thanks to the magic of free shipping.

How to Get Free Shipping on Shein?

Method 1: The Minimum Magic

Shein loves rewarding those who shop in bulk (like, who doesn’t?). Hit the $49 minimum order value and standard shipping magically transforms into free shipping. Boom! Just toss another trendy top or those statement earrings you’ve been eyeing into your cart, and voila, free shipping unlocked. Think of it like collecting puzzle pieces; each item gets you closer to the free shipping picture.

Example: You have a dress for $25 and some killer sunglasses for $8. Add a cute scarf for $16, and poof! Your total hits $49, and you’ve got free shipping. Now you can strut your stuff in that new outfit without the shipping blues.

Method 2: The Coupon Code Caper

Shein’s coupon codes are like hidden treasure chests scattered throughout the internet. Keep your eyes peeled on their website, app, social media, and even email newsletters for codes offering free shipping. These codes can be specific (like for new users) or general, so be a code-hunting ninja!

Example: You snag a 20% off coupon code. Use it on a $60 order, and the discount brings it down to $48. But wait, there’s more! Remember the $49 minimum for free shipping? Add a $2 phone case, and your order jumps to $50, unlocking the free shipping you craved. You played the coupon code game like a pro!

Method 3: The Flash Sale Frenzy

Shein’s flash sales are like adrenaline shots for your shopping cart. During these limited-time events, you can score amazing deals, and sometimes, free shipping is part of the package. So, set your reminders and be ready to pounce when those flash sales hit.

Example: You spot a flash sale offering free shipping on orders over $30. You snag a $25 top and some $8 jewelry, and voila! Free shipping is activated. You basically got a free accessory because you were flash sale savvy. 

Method 4: The Applause, Please! Program

The Shein “Applause, Please!” program rewards loyal customers with points for various activities like leaving reviews, participating in discussions, and sharing their styles. Rack up enough points, and you can redeem them for free shipping coupons. So, be an active Shein community member, and the shipping gods will smile upon you.

Example: You diligently review your purchases, answer community questions, and even post a photo of your latest Shein haul, earning points like a champ. Soon, you have enough points for a free shipping coupon, letting you treat yourself guilt-free (well, almost guilt-free).

Method 5: The Student Savior

Calling all studious fashionistas! Shein offers a special discount for verified students, and guess what sometimes comes with it? Free shipping! So, if you’re rocking a student ID, don’t forget to claim your discount and free shipping perks. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s free shipping power!

Example: You use your student discount on a $55 order, bringing it down to $44. But wait! The student discount also unlocks free shipping. Suddenly, that textbook you need feels a lot lighter (and way more fashionable).

Remember, Shipping Savvy is Key!

Remember, these methods can be mixed and matched for maximum free shipping magic. So, be a smart shopper, a coupon code detective, and a flash sale ninja. Before you know it, you’ll be a Shein free shipping master, rocking the latest trends without the shipping stress. Now, go forth and conquer your Shein cart with confidence!


1. Does free shipping apply to all items?

Generally, yes, but some excluded items (like bulky furniture) might have separate shipping fees. Double-check during checkout.

2. How long does free shipping take?

Standard free shipping usually takes 10-20 business days. Express shipping options are available for a fee if you need your haul faster.

3. Are there any other ways to get free shipping?

Occasionally, Shein offers special promotions or giveaways with free shipping included. Keep an eye out on their website and social media.

4. What if my order doesn’t reach the minimum for free shipping?

Don’t despair! Here are some bonus tips:

  • Buddy up: Team up with friends or family who also shop at Shein and place a joint order to reach the minimum amount. Sharing is caring, and free shipping!
  • Check the clearance section: Often, items in the clearance section are already heavily discounted, making it easier to reach the minimum for free shipping without adding more items.
  • Wait for special offers: Shein frequently runs promotions with lowered minimums for free shipping. Keep an eye out during holidays or special events.
  • Consider alternative shipping options: Sometimes, the cost of expedited shipping might be cheaper than adding filler items to reach the minimum for free standard shipping. Weigh your options and choose the most cost-effective route.

5. I used a coupon code, but it didn’t give me free shipping!

Double-check the terms and conditions of the coupon code. Some codes might exclude free shipping or have a minimum order value requirement for it to apply.


A little planning and savvy shopping can go a long way in unlocking the free shipping magic at Shein. So, be a smart cookie, embrace these tips, and get ready to conquer your fashion goals without the shipping blues!

Just returned from an amazing shopping trip to New Jersey: Jersey Gardens! Scored some incredible deals and fashion finds to share with the Shein community. Share your free shipping secrets and hauls with us – you might inspire others and discover even more tricks along the way. Happy shopping!

I hope this comprehensive guide empowers you to become a free shipping master at Shein. Now go forth and conquer your fashion dreams, one trendy haul at a time!

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