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Billboard’s Tropical Song Award Winner Prince Royce Net Worth and Music Life

Prince Royce is a Latin singer and songwriter specifically of bachata who also sings Latin pop. Although his childhood was very modest, Prince was clear that working could achieve his dream of becoming a singer. Many labels closed the doors because they did not believe in him as an artist. Prince Royce’s net worth is remarkable. Prince never demotivated and continued working until he positioned himself as the prince of bachata worldwide.

Prince Royce net worth and biography

Prince Royce was born on May 11, 1989, in the Bronx, New York, where he would spend his childhood and adolescence. Prince Royce’s net worth is 14 million dollars.

His parents are Ramón Rojas, who was a taxi driver, and Angelu de Leon, who worked as a stylist and also dreamed of being a singer; Both parents are Dominican.

They were a very modest family. Prince is the second of four brothers; Prince Royce would demonstrate his inclination for music from an early age by participating in the school choir. Many times he was chosen to represent his school in different singing competitions.

At age 13, Royce would start writing poetry and songs. It was around this time that he decided to become a professional artist.

Things were not easy for him since there were people who told him that he did not sing and that he had nothing special, a situation that did not demotivate Prince Royce. It would make him have a plan B. So. He would continue his studies to have a career in case of failure in music. You may like also: Sharon Stone net worth

It was at 19 when he met Andrés Hidalgo that he would become his manager. And it would be he who would present him with the Latin pianist and producer Sergio York who notices his talent and gives him the possibility of recording the hit Stand by me. It opened the doors not only in Latin America but in the United States.

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Most emblematic songs of his career

The song Stand by me with a rhythm of bachata and sung in Spanglish was the first single from his debut album Prince Royce with which he managed to position himself at number 1 on Billboard’s tropical list.

prince royce net worth

In February 2010, he would draw a heart without a face; the song that became even more popular as it ranked number 4 on the billboard hot Latin list.

His debut album, which, by the way, had all the songs that his demo had and that many record labels rejected was a success; and would be certified with double platinum and received a Latin Grammys nomination for the best contemporary tropical album.

In April 2012, he released his second album entitled Phase To. With just one week of being launched, it had already positioned itself as number 1 in the United States and Puerto Rico. The situation that earned him a platinum record and would be nominated for the Latin Grammys in the best tropical album category.

This song included the song The Little Things, which was positioned as number 1 in the Billboard tropical music list And in the list of hot Latin songs.

A short time later, he will record come with me next to Daddy Yankee; then Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull invited him to be the opening act of the Euphoria tour.

In April 2013, I would announce that he signed a record deal with Sony Music and would release the album I am the same in October of the same year, with songs like Kiss You.

This song is one of the most popular of the singer and the video of this song has millions of views. Keep reading: joe rogan net worth

More of Prince Royce’s music

In 2014 I would get the single nothing and I am the same. In 2015 he would release the Double Vision album, which is his first album in English and has collaborations with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, among others.

Then in 2016, the video Blame the Heart premieres and in May, it will premiere the road that would begin its tour with pitbull.

Later in October 2016, he would take out the single coin next to Gerardo Ortiz, which is included in his fifth studio album Five, which came out at the beginning of 2017; and has collaborations with artists like Farruko, Gente de zona, Shakira among others.

Prince Royce is one of the purest artists that currently exist with a very focused way of thinking and with his feet very grounded.

Prince Royce and love

Prince Royce marries Mexico City with Emeraude Toubia at a surprise wedding; It is known that from the first moment they met and began dating, the couple arranged to keep their courtship separate from the media.

After 8 years of love, the prince of bachata and the model decided to become husband and wife in Aztec land.

This was made known by the famous People magazine in a publication that says the marriage took place in an intimate and very private ceremony.

The happy couple showed the photo that came out in the prestigious magazine on their social networks. Thus share in some way so much happiness with their followers.

On the front of the magazine, the Lebanese lineage model is seen in a beautiful lace dress embraced by Prince Royce, who wears a dark tuxedo.


After the marriage in an interview that they did on a television channel, the singer recalled the moment they met in a restaurant years ago in a meeting with friends they had in common.

When the singer was telling the version of the events, the model interrupted him to determine that he wanted to meet another person, but she arrived moments before.

A couple of years went by for the interpreter to kiss you to make their relationship official through their social networks, where he shared a photo of when they went together to the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony in 2016.

In the first months of 2017, the news was reaffirmed that the singer had given the engagement ring to the actress.

Sources close to the couple said the ring cost more than $ 100,000; with just 29 years, the singer of Dominican origin has managed to drive his career away from the scandals; being his work and his music what has given him the public recognition and international success.

Curiosities of Prince Royce

Singer Prince Royce is fond of luxury cars, and thanks to his successful musical career, he has been able to acquire some expensive sports cars and luxury mansions, which we will mention below.

prince royce net worth

Prince Royce has invested very well the fruit of his career; The singer is a fan of adrenaline at the wheel and his little years is distinguished by good taste when choosing his cars.

One of his most expensive cars is a white Ferrari 488 GTB; Prince Royce has a couple of years with this sport whose price in the market exceeds 250 thousand dollars.

The occasions Prince Royce has been seen onboard his Ferrari has been in the street. It is not known if he has ventured to drive it on the track where he could take full advantage of his acceleration from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 3 seconds and a maximum speed of 330 per hour.

The artist also owns a Ferrari 458 Spider in his garage. This car has nothing more and nothing less than 570 horsepower, reaches a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour and has an acceleration from 0 to one hundred in 3.4 seconds.

The current price in the market of this sports car is 217 thousand dollars. As part of his taste for speed, Prince Royce has also been seen in a Polaris that has as its main feature is a mixture of car and three-wheeled motorcycle. Several famous personalities are fans of Polaris for the fun and speed it offers.

The singer is also a fan of the Lamborghini brand, which has shown him on his social networks; The car has an approximate value of 400 thousand dollars.

The singer also bought a luxurious mansion in Miami for an approximate value of 2.3 million dollars. Prince Royce’s net worth is very good. The residence was originally designed by architect Hilario Candela and had its recording studio and many luxuries.

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