Shade Competition Objectives

The Future of Shade Competition continues Sunbrella’s dedication to encouraging exploration of creative architectural solutions, using fabric as the primary medium, for developing shaded structures to overcome practical design challenges. Previous Tensile Fabric Structures have been incredible and really make you think why haven’t we been doing this for a lot longer.  Some very well known buildings have fabric in their structure so if you want to see what you can get for your business contact companies like  Artisans, architects, designers and students from across the globe are invited to push the envelope of innovation in their entries. Categories are based on three distinct site-specific challenges to inspire entrants, as follows:

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1. Humanitarian Challenge: Envision a temporary shelter that can be readily transported and established in hot weather climates around the world, in order to respond to a social need or cause, such as disaster relief or international aid. Specific considerations include varying degrees of sunlight and dust, and the practical and emotional issues faced by a densely populated community of individuals.

2. Wellness Garden: Create a protected, habitable and accessible outdoor space designed to support a healing environment for individuals participating in treatment, on both an in-patient and out-patient basis at a cancer treatment centre. Specific considerations include adequate seating in courtyard areas, appropriate protection from the elements, and connection with nature.

3. Building Shade: Deliver a shade-focused solution that responds to the issue of peak daytime sun exposure and rain protection for Paradise Plaza and the adjacent Paseo Ponti in the Miami Design District. Now in Phase III of its development, the district features design contributions by award-winning Japanese architects Sou Fujimoto and Nicolas Buffe, who are committed to helping create innovative fashion, design, architecture, dining and creative experiences. Proposals for cutting-edge concepts featuring bespoke tensile fabric structures are requested.

The Prize

The Future of Shade jury will select one winner from each challenge category to receive a $10,000 grand prize. Additionally, one other design for the Building Shade category will be reviewed and chosen by the Miami Design District management team for a $25,000 commission in the area.

Special Instructions

Design submissions are required to utilise Sunbrella fabric, as recommended by specialist firms.

Entry Requirements

Entrants must register to be eligible to enter and the entire process is free of charge for all. Registration is available on the competition website.

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