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Best Ways to Find Craigslist Handyman Jobs

For skilled handymen who want to expand their business, Craigslist can be an excellent source of new customers. Due to its extensive user base and diverse job posting categories, Craigslist presents many opportunities for handyman jobs, provided you know how and where to search. In this write-up, we will guide you through the most effective techniques for securing high-paying Craigslist handyman projects.

Focus Your Efforts on the Right Categories

With so many different sections on Craigslist, it’s important to hone in on those most likely to generate handyman leads. The best categories to check for these types of jobs include:

Skilled Trade Services

This section is specifically for posting and finding handyman, contracting, remodeling, and other skilled trade jobs. Posts here tend to generate high response rates. Check this category frequently.

Home Services

Home Services is a Handyman Jobs

The home services category contains gig opportunities for landscapers, cleaners, personal assistants, and—you guessed it—handymen. Subscribe to email alerts to be notified when new handyman jobs get listed.


The gigs section contains all sorts of short-term and one-off jobs, including many needing a handyman’s expertise. Setting up an RSS feed is an easy way to monitor new gig posts related to your services.

Use Targeted Keywords in Your Search

One issue with sifting through Craigslist for handyman jobs is that posts aren’t always clearly labeled as such. To better catch these ambiguously titled listings, use keyword searches targeting common handyman tasks like:

  • Hang pictures
  • Assemble furniture
  • Mount TV
  • Install ceiling fan
  • Fix running toilet
  • Tile bathroom wall
  • Paint bedroom
  • Repair deck

Mixing and matching keywords for particular projects you specialize in makes it easier to spot under-the-radar opportunities.

Reply Fast to Increase Your Odds

Competition is stiff when bidding on Craigslist handyman jobs. To gain an edge, strive to be one of the first 5-10 people to respond to a new listing. This typically results in a much higher prospect of the homeowner contacting you back compared to late responses, which they probably won’t even read.

Set up alerts so you’re notified immediately when a relevant new post goes live. Check Craigslist frequently—morning and evening—to catch fresh listings in real time. This vigilance can help you clinch jobs before the flurry of replies rolls in.

Provide a Specific, Personalized Quote

Once you’ve identified a promising handyman job posting, avoid using a generic “I can help!” response. Homeowners placing ads on Craigslist are looking for transparency upfront. That means providing a personalized quote detailing:

  • Your specific experience/qualifications to complete the task
  • An itemized breakdown of work to be performed
  • Total cost estimate with labor/materials fees separated

This professionalism and attention to detail give homeowners the confidence to hire you over other candidates. Make sure to ask clarifying questions too so your quote precisely matches what they need done.

Let Your Online Reputation Speak for Itself

Online Reputation

While a well-crafted response goes a long way, many Craigslist users feel wary sifting through responses from complete strangers. You can put hesitant homeowners at ease by linking to credible online references demonstrating your handyman prowess, such as:

  • Reviews on Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc.
  • Relevant credentials/certifications
  • Website displaying your experience
  • Past customer testimonials

Positive word-of-mouth vouching for your work allows otherwise apprehensive homeowners to trust you’ll get the job done right.

Provide Quick But Reliable Service

Perhaps above all, reliability and responsiveness are vital for converting Craigslist leads into paying customers. Commit to following up with prospective clients ASAP—always within 24 hours—after they inquire about your handyman services. Be ready to schedule a house visit to provide a more accurate in-person estimate too.

Once hired for a task, make sure to complete the job thoroughly, efficiently, and on schedule as promised. This level of punctual service often motivates satisfied homeowners to hire you again down the road or recommend you to friends. Over-delivering expectations is how you foster loyalty and grow your Craigslist handyman business through referrals.

Leverage Craigslist Apps to Streamline Your Search

Manually combing through Craigslist categories and responding to handyman job posts can become time-consuming. That’s why leveraging Craigslist apps to automate bits of the process is recommended.

Helpful capabilities provided by top Craigslist apps include:

Saved Searches and Alerts

Never miss a new Craigslist handyman job posting again. Select apps let you save customized searches and set up real-time email/push notifications whenever a match gets listed.

Flag Monitoring

Easily keep tabs on all your flagged posts and inbox messages in one place instead of constantly checking your Craigslist account.

Email Auto-Reply

Speed up responding to listings by creating canned quotes/messages that can be customized and auto-sent to new posting matches.

Posting Assistant

Quickly generate or repost your Craigslist services advertisement to multiple locations with a few taps instead of laboriously doing so manually.


See handy performance stats—like pageviews, saves, and flags on your posts—provided by some apps.

So if prowling Craigslist for handyman gigs demands too much of your time, consider a specialized app to maximize efficiency. The small investment will pay dividends landing more contracts.

Craft an Appealing Craigslist Services Ad

Craft an Appealing Craigslist Services Ad

Beyond responding to other postings, creating your own Craigslist services advertisement can provide a steady stream of business. Savvy homeowners looking to hire check the services section routinely when needing work done.

Follow these best practices for crafting a handyman ad that generates calls:

Grab Attention with a Catchy Subject Line

You have mere seconds to catch the casual browser’s eye-scanning ads. Employ a short yet descriptive subject hook relevant to your services like:

  • ⚒ Affordable Handyman – Any Home Project!
  • ???? Expert Bathroom & Kitchen Repairs
  • ⬆️ Deck Building & Power Washing Pro

This drives clicks from motivated homeowners seeking those particular skills.

Highlight Your Qualifications

Quickly communicate your handyman credentials upfront using concise bullet points, such as:

  • 10+ years experience
  • Licensed & insured
  • Specialize in carpentry, plumbing, electrical
  • Free quotes & fair prices

List specific tasks you have expertise tackling so visitors immediately know if you’re a match for their needs.

Use Images Tactically

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Select 1-3 photos demonstrating your handicraft in action to incorporate into your post. Only include shots directly showcasing your skills–not generic stock images. A few tactical picks include:

  • Are you making repairs or building something
  • Tool belt hooked up and ready for jobs
  • Work vehicle with business decals

Visuals like these build trust and affirm you’re the real deal.

Provide Multiple Contact Methods

Make it effortless for interested homeowners viewing your ad to get in touch by listing:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Contact form link

The more options supplied, the simpler to reach out. Be sure everything goes directly to you too.

Update Frequently

To maintain visibility, tweak and then repost your Craigslist services ad 1-2 times per week. Freshen up subject lines, prices, photos, or availability details to appear among the “latest” listings visitors prioritize. Consistent visibility equals more leads.

Spread to Nearby Locations

Don’t limit yourself to solely your hometown. Expand your search radius by posting your handyman ad within surrounding cities and neighborhoods too. Widen the net to attract untapped clientele open to hiring nearby.

By incorporating these advertising best practices, your Craigslist handyman ad clicks and job queries will steadily accumulate. Consistently refresh the content to keep pulling in prospects year-round.

Use Other Free Listing Sites Too

While Craigslist may be the most popular online classifieds platform, dozens of niche competitors also provide handy avenues for finding local handyman work. Broaden search scope leveraging these alternative free listing sites as well:

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s hyperlocal buy/sell community already has billions of built-in users. Create a Services page showcasing your handyman capabilities then watch leads start flowing.


This app directly connects you with homeowners in surrounding neighborhoods. Advertise specialty handyman services you provide then assist people literally right next door.


Homeowners submit their projects to Thumbtack receiving customized quotes from interested pros like you. Set up notifications for handyman job categories that match expertise.

Handyman Startup

As the name implies, this site was built specifically to connect handymen with clients needing odd jobs or repairs performed affordably. Worth creating a Free account.


Well-known TaskRabbit offers flexible gigs posting handyman opportunities. Browse then book local assignments matching your abilities.

Ask Your Neighbors

Don’t overlook old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Introduce yourself to nearby residents with a copy of services offered. Even hanging flyers on community boards exposes you to potential clients.

Therefore always keep these additional free listing platforms on your radar when prospecting for handyman jobs. Their niche audiences can lead to profitable gigs away from the mainstream Craigslist crowds.


What type of handyman jobs will I find on Craigslist?

Craigslist handyman job listings cover a wide spectrum of needs homeowners could require, including painting, carpentry, basic plumbing or electrical repairs, TV mounting, appliance installations, assembly projects, roof repairs, tile work, pressure washing decks, driveway sealing, etc. 

Is a license or certification required to be a Craigslist handyman?

Official handyman licensure, certification, or registration is typically not necessary for basic home handyman jobs found on Craigslist. However, you will often increase your odds of being hired if you highlight relevant credentials like completing accredited trade programs or certificate courses. 

What should I charge hourly for Craigslist handyman jobs?

Hourly rates for Craigslist handyman job services span a wide range but typically fall somewhere between $40-$70 per hour on average. The exact rates to charge depend on your location, skill level, types of services provided, experience, and client expectations. 

How can I ensure my safety by accepting Craigslist handyman jobs?

When responding to Craigslist handyman job postings, vet the details carefully and trust your instinct when interacting with unfamiliar potential clients. Be wary of red flags like insistence on paying solely in cash, rushed timelines, changing details, and refusal to provide exact addresses early. 

Where else can I find local handyman jobs besides Craigslist?

Beyond Craigslist, fruitful places to locate more handyman jobs include community bulletin boards, NextDoor app listings, Facebook Marketplace services, apps like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Handyman Startup, hardware stores, real estate agents, property management contacts, contractors needing subcontractors, as well as simple word-of-mouth referrals. 

Wrapping Up

Scoring steady handyman jobs from Craigslist simply comes down to diligently monitoring the most pertinent categories, responding rapidly to promising posts, conveying your expertise clearly to hesitant homeowners, and consistently providing 5-star service that builds loyalty.

Automating bits of the job search via handy apps provides efficiency too. Just don’t overlook supplementing Craigslist with leads from niche listing sites and old-fashioned personal references.

Stick with the methods outlined here and your pipeline of lucrative Craigslist handyman gigs will keep your schedule filled. Now get out there and start helping people fix up their homes!

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