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The impact of robots on jobs

Do modern technological innovations have such magnitude that they make it likely that in the future we will have fewer job opportunities in the West and more free time? The disruption caused to the labor market by Industry 4.0 , robotization and the increase in delivery services without people are already the order of the […]

beer yeast
Health and Fitness

How to use beer yeast to lose weight

The brewer’s yeast has become an ally for people who choose to follow a diet. This is due to the important contribution of essential nutrients necessary for the metabolism to work by burning the fat that causes weight gain. There are several ways to take beer yeast to lose weight, either by including it in […]

The differences between schizophrenia, bipolarity and dissociative personality

Tips to decorate your workplace

Did you know that decoration can help improve your productivity at work and reduce your stress and that of your colleagues? It does not matter if you work in an office or at home, then we give you a series of tips to decorate your workplace, which will help improve your mood and face your day to day with a positive attitude. (more…)

Would you pay £150 for this garage door?

What finer television entertainment is there to be had than watching a clearly overweight man shouting “BOOM!” into the face of a bickering middle aged married couple who he has just outbid over a load of junk? This is the UK version of Storage hunters a strange concept that has become very popular both here and in the USA. The premise is rather simple. The auctioneer, played by the show’s creator Sean Kelly, begins by pointing out to us that in the UK there are abandoned garages and storage containers that have come on to the open market due to

Wallpapers with lacquered effect

It looks like a wall painted with the technique of lacquering, but in reality it is the new Japan collection by Andrew Martin, The Japanning technique The collection is inspired by this seventeenth-century technique created by European artisans, especially Italians, who imitated Oriental lacquer, and n special, lacquered furniture in black. In Europe, resin-based varnishes were used, similar to shellac, which were applied in layers and dried to color, which were finally polished to a smooth and shiny final finish. Luminescent effects One of the most remarkable features of this wallpaper is that it creates different optical effects, depending on whether it is near


When we talk about design and construction we know that over the years the elements used, as well as their price, have been modified, the first improving and the last many times in ascent. But there is one that remains in time with the same characteristics (mostly great advantages) whose price does not vary much with time: wood. (more…)

The 6 best folding beds

Do you want to acquire good quality folding beds to be able to locate your guests when they go to see you at home? Do you not have much space in your home and would you like to select a practical and comfortable folding bed? In the following article we have compiled the best folding beds available in the market this year. Keep reading and find the best folding beds. White folding bed The first folding bed selected by our experts is a bed whose closed dimensions are 85x102x35 centimeters. This bed when it is unfolded has comfortable swivel wheels to transport
Technology Reviews

The 8 best ebook reader

Are you a book eater or do you like to read a lot? Then do not hesitate, what you need is to have in your hands one of the best ebooks on the market. These have improved a lot compared to the first ones that came on the market. Do you want to know them? […]

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