Marketers Need to Know These PR Trends

Artificial intelligence? Influencer marketing? These are just two of the upcoming trends in the field of public relations. In this article we take a look at some top trends being embraced by PR agencies up and down the country.

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Mix It Up

Whether you work for a branding agency Gloucestershire or in Glamorganshire, you’ll be more than aware that the lines between PR, advertising and marketing are becoming more and more blurred. There is also a surge in other disciplines such as brand ambassadors, social media pundits, content gurus and trend spotters.

The Rise of the Influencer

A branding agency Gloucestershire based or those in Greater Manchester and elsewhere have seen the phenomenal rise of social influencers. It is likely that such a tactic will become a mainstay of PR companies, who will develop relationships with these Instagram hard-hitters, ensuring direct access to a specific target audience.

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Content Is King

There is an increasing mistrust of the media by consumers – a trend that has been on the up for a number of years. For PRs this means that news releases and feature articles supplied to the media need to be accurate, well written and with an appealing news angle. Check out how a Branding Agency Gloucestershire works with the media for the very best results.

The King of Content

On the flip side, the media’s reliance on the PR industry is growing. Gone are the days of posting press releases through to a local paper or trade publication and waiting for them to appear in print. Nowadays there is a much more rapid turnaround of news, with journalists tasked with creating content for social media every hour. That means any heads-up and copy from PRs is of great value.

Tell Me a Story

The immediacy of information and a shorter attention span due to social media mean that storytelling remains critical. Believable and persuasive narratives – particularly with the surge of fake news – will become more and more important.

Ethical PR

The news media is awash with high-profile scandals. At the same time, consumers want brands to behave more ethically than ever before. This is likely to have an increasingly big effect on the PR industry and place much more attention on its professional ethical code.


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