7 more reasons to have a pop-up shop

The pop-up shop is the new, trendy and exciting way to sell your wares. Whether you are a household name or a smaller-scale artist, designer, photographer, or specialist vendor, creating your pop-up will ensure you are the talk of the town.

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In addition to creating a buzz around your product and encouraging media coverage (including social media) both online and offline, you can present customers with a physical experience and fantastic service to add a positive vibe to your brand.

What other reasons would you need to set up your brand new pop-up shop?

Minimal Rental Costs

Since the UK’s recession, a lot of high street shops were forced to close, leaving many outlets empty. Rental rates for properties have dropped across the country, meaning landlords are open to making their properties available for short-term leases.

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Shift Stock

The pop-up shop’s attraction is the temporary and therefore exclusive availability of the shop and the products within it. If you have been burdened with some end-of-season leftovers, a pop-up shop is a great way to push sales. Limited stock and limited time will make for great bargains, and you can run special offers to move your products quickly.

Video Reviews

You can take advantage of customer presence and film some positive testimonials of your product and brand. Play up to the occasion and offer a cheeky complimentary glass of champers before you film. The video can be used online to give your brand a sense of trustworthiness and reliability.

Online/Offline Pioneers

You are trying out something that will be guaranteed to become even bigger in the world of retail over the next few years. Get your name out there and straddle the online and offline worlds.

Real-World Shop Front

Your online presence will be helped or hindered by your website design, and the same applies to the shop front. Entice your shoppers with appealing showcase window displays, try out some scent marketing, and play with the layout to maximise movement. You can get scent marketing from Mood Media, for example.


Let your customers know the full story behind your brand, and help them understand what exactly what you bring to the table.


Your pop-up will allow you to gauge customer reaction to products, promote development and personally encourage feedback.

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