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The impact of robots on jobs

Do modern technological innovations have such magnitude that they make it likely that in the future we will have fewer job opportunities in the West and more free time? The disruption caused to the labor market by Industry 4.0 , robotization and the increase in delivery services without people are already the order of the […]

Business and Management

The 5 benefits of teamwork

In an organization , it is important for employees to work as a team . Each employee must contribute their bit so that teamwork allows the best results. When working in a team effectively, synergy appears, that is, the union of constructive energies. This causes that the efforts made by the members are strengthened, reducing […]

Inbound Marketing strategy
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How to make an Inbound Marketing strategy in your company

Inbound Marketing strategy consists of combining non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques in order to reach the user. This marketing strategy is based on attracting potential customers with relevant and valuable content through various channels, such as blogs or social networks, with the aim of achieving the lowest user acquisition cost possible and obtaining a clear […]