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English Country Homes and Stately Houses

Described as a large, imposing house or mansion, built in the beautiful English countryside, Country Homes and Stately Houses are quintessentially British and personify the elegance and grandeur of a bygone era. These beautiful buildings are often owned by the same families for generations and are decorated in tasteful and somewhat flamboyant styles.  Many now open their doors to the public and charge a nominal fee to enter their homes and view their grounds and gardens to help with the running costs of such an old and possibly draughty house.  If you do get the chance to visit any of these splendid places you will see for yourselves the ornate fixtures and fittings blending effortlessly alongside the Vintage Style Sofa, Side-table, lamps, rug and accessories.  Most of these elegant and colourful pieces of Vintage style furniture can be purchased from a reputable, experienced and professional company such as vintagesofawarehouse.co.uk/collections/brand-new-individually-designed-range-new-vintage-style-sofa-range.

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You too can easily achieve the rich colours and unique style of these beautiful houses in your own home by investing in a few individual pieces of Vintage furniture.  Get advice from the experts at the warehouse and take your time picking out a sofa, wardrobe, sideboard, and lamps, you will see for yourself that these stylish items will compliment your home and make it look and feel contemporary and comfortable.

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Even if your home is smack-bang in the middle of a large housing estate and not set in the English countryside, the interior can still reflect the Country House or mansion.

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