Six more tips for a great email marketing campaign

Every business wants to make the most of its email marketing campaigns, so try these tips to make yours better:

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1. Write a great title

This is what makes someone decide whether to open your email, so make sure it counts. Keep it short and to the point and use words that make people curious about the content. If a client does not open an email, try sending it again with a different subject line.

2. Make the call to action clear

US News stresses the importance of making it easy for your recipients to take the action you are asking them to take. If it is relevant, put a ‘do-by’ date, but make sure this is a genuine date. People will stop trusting you if they can still get an offer past the date stated. Whatever the call to action, add a link to the relevant landing page.

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3. Have a schedule

Send emails on a regular, consistent basis and make sure the content is relevant. In this way, people will look forward to receiving your emails and want to read them. While we are talking about consistency, your branding, colours, images and the tone of your emails should also be consistent. This will make it easier for people to get to know you and trust you.

4. Social sharing buttons

People love to feel part of something, so include buttons to enable your clients to connect with you on social media. If your members pay a subscription fee and you are a user of membership management systems from a provider such as, you might consider making the group closed or private.

5. Find out the best time to send emails

Send your emails when your target recipients are most likely to open them. This won’t be the same in every market sector, so test it out and see what happens. There is an element of trial and error here.

6. Do I know you?

Wherever you can, make your emails personal to the recipient so that they are addressed by their name rather than ‘Dear recipient’; likewise, sign off with your own name rather than the company name. You really want the recipient to think you know them. If they have bought from you, use this information to your advantage.


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