Restarting your sewing hobby

If you have recently retired and moved into a park home you may be looking forward to restarting your love of sewing, or perhaps start a brand new hobby in fabric related items. Here are some tips to help get you back on track in the sewing world.

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Corners and curves

When sewing corners or curved seams, where you may need to move the fabric slightly, it is important to keep the needle in the fabric to ensure your work stays in the right position. You can lift the presser foot but leave the needle down while you adjust the fabric.

Stitch problems

If your stitching becomes uneven or stitches are skipped, you may need to rethread the machine, including both the spool and the bobbin. Use the photos you took earlier as a guide. Check to ensure there is no lint in the bobbin compartment. This will often resolve your problem.

Use the right needle

If you are sewing something like a cotton poplin fabric, widely available from suppliers, a universal needle should be fine, but for heavy fabrics, you need a larger needle. Similarly, a finer needle is required for sewing sheers and a ballpoint needle for knit fabrics.

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Thread type

It is important to use the same type of thread on the spool and bobbin. You can choose to use different colours for top and bottom stitches if you prefer.

 Clean regularly

Keeping your machine clean will ensure it lasts longer. Remove lint and dust after each project and check your manual for instructions on oiling your machine.

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