Kratom Tea Recipe
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Kratom Tea Recipe: How to Save the Healing Properties Kratom

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Many people love to have tea in the morning, afternoon, and evening. With the help of tea, we calm down, relax, gain strength and energy. Each tea is tasty and healthy.

In Asia, since ancient times, tea is made with Kratom leaves since this plant has been used medicinally for many years.

In this article, we will examine the most popular ways of making tea from kratom leaves, and we will also tell you what to do to make the tea tasty and healthy after preparation.

Kratom tea recipe

If you judge in what form kratom is most frequently used, it is tea. This kratom tea recipe is the most common and retains the healing properties of the leaves in their entirety. It is also very simple to prepare.

When drinking tea made with Kratom leaves, the effect is much greater than when taking capsules or powder.

Kratom Tea Recipe


To preserve all the beneficial properties of Kratom and also to ensure good taste, we suggest you use the following recipe.

You need to boil water with half a liter of water. Then place the KratomKratom on its leaves and simmer for 15-20 minutes, depending on the desired intensity. After that, the leaves should be filtered and drink the remaining water as a tea. You can add sugar or honey to your tea at ease.

Remember, the darker the tea with the Kratom leaves. The more intense the flavor will be.

With the rapid preparation of Kratom (within 2 to 5 minutes), you will not get a result and feel a bitter taste, which will complicate its use.

Sedation is more important and notable when the tea is taken, and not when powder or capsules are taken.

But with all these minor defects, a Kratom leaf tea is still the most popular option to receive KratomKratom. Also, keep in mind that tea retains all means of healing the plant.

Why Kratom useful for the body?

Kratom is a safe, healthy, healing, and natural substance. But you should know that you cannot abuse Kratom leaves, as this can lead to hypoventilation.

1) Kratom lets the body clean very well. After drinking alcohol, toxins are quickly removed from the body, and a load of joy appears immediately.

2) For problems with the stomach (swelling, gas, diarrhea), Kratom solves the problem quickly and completely. The effect is much better than after taking the pills bought at the pharmacy.

3) The kratom leaves are much safer for narcotic parties and actively fight for opioid addiction, which causes people to return to normal life.

4) Fight against chronic pain, fatigue, keep your mind clean, and your body cheerful.

5) Motivates and betrays the desire to work, even in the difficult stages of life.

As for the disadvantages, the taste of Kratom is not too pleasant. Therefore, it should be diluted with food or drinks.

Do not abuse the dose of Kratom. Apply kratom tea recipe according to the instructions or with a prescription!

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