Kratom leaf

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Kratom is a tropical herbal tree which is cultivated in Southeast Asia and pacific islands countries. Kratom is mostly cultivated in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines. Kratom leaves have a great medicinal and clinical value. For that reason kratom trees and leaves are using in many theraptical treatment. It has a magical chemical balance of 40 various compounds. That’s why kratom has a great ability to relief pain successfully as like as morphine. In this article we describe some important information about magical kratom leaf. You can learn more by visit thekratom mag

Size and description of kratom leaves

Basically kratom trees are growing 20-30 ft tall and 15 ft wide on average. But there is some species which can be reaching 60-70 ft tall in height. Every species has different size leaves. But on average a kratom leaf being 5-6 inches in long and 3-4 inches in wide. But in tall species leaves can be 6-7 inches long and 5 inches wide in average. In every species the kratom leaves are being dark green in colour. A good leaf can be 2-3 gm in weight. Kratom is an evergreen tropical herbal tree so it can gives kratom leaves in total years. By proper cultivation a kratom tree can leave 25-30 year and it can gives 40-50 kg kratom leaves in every year.

Chemistry of kratom leaf

Kratom leaf got a magical chemical balance. That’s why kratom got a great medicinal and clinical value. A kratom leaf contains 40 different kinds of chemical compounds. Most of its compounds are alkaloid like Mitragynine, mitraphylline and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Kratom leaves contains 60-70%of Mitragynine and 0.01-0.06% of 7-hydroxymitragynine. This compound has great ability to interact with our blood and body cells. They also can control our nervous system which makes kratom a very effective pain killer. It also has soma opiod effects.

Use of kratom leaves

In Southeast Asia and pacific island people are cultivating kratom for their own purpose. They were detected its wonderful herbal effects a long time ago. In Southeast Asia people chewed or smoke kratom leaves in their regular life. But now we can get so many kratom products via online. We can get it as tea, powder, capsules and many other form in online. There are thousand sites who sell kratom and kratom products. But by our website anybody can get these amazing products very easily in the best price. So don’t be late. Order our magical products and make your life better than before.

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